Sunday, January 17, 2010

Retro Post: Dee Young With the Hackwiths

Last year we had the pleasure of spending time with the Hackwiths. It was a pleasure seeing Amanda again, and meeting Levi for the first time.

We enjoyed the King Tut exhibit. The last time these artifacts were in SF was 30 years ago! Here is a photograph of a photograph. Sadly, we were not allowed to shoot the Tut Exhibit.

We also enjoyed the rest of the museum. This was one of my favorite exhibits... geometric and free form metallic shapes that were conveniently reflective.

Never mind that I got in trouble 1.5 seconds after I took this shot. The Dee Young docents don't like it when guests ignore the barrier and push it a foot forward. How silly, don't they know it's all about getting the shot?

Mayan Sun God figure. I don't get why he has tusks?

Shot of the museum next door. Newly remodeled Academy of Sciences, I think?

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